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Making a cup of tea is an art. The Golden rule of Thumb is. A good Teaspoon and One cup of water per person.
Four Important think to make good cup of tea are,
o Tea & Water Quantity
o Temperature
o Steeping Time
o Tea Ware

Quality of Tea.
High Quality of Tea Leaves can Infused multiple times, Each time you steep the tea different delicate flavour will be released. Good Tea leaves are not let to brew once, it can be Infused until its desire strength. Filter the tea completely between the Infusions will help the leaves from becoming bitter. In India & China high quality tea leaves are believed to be better in second and third Infusion.

Quantity of Tea & Water
Golden rule of perfect tea is quantity of Tea & water. If water is more or tea quantity less then it would taste plain. If Tea quantity is more then it may lead to bitter taste. We usually recommended 2.5 grams for 275ml of water.

Always use fresh filtered water and should not be re-boiled, if you boil once it may lose its oxygen level in the water. For a perfect tea water should be at the right temperature, because the amino acids which is produce the teas flavour dissolve at right temp than tannin. Don’t try these with Tea Bags. The delicate and subtle flavour of leaf tea won’t be there and it will just give you bad taste.
Ideally stop the kettle before it reaches the rolling boil- when the small bubbles form along the sides of the kettle. Alternatively the warm cup brewing method is an excellent way to cool the water (see below).
• If you are a real sticker and want to get it exactly right white and green teas are best at 70 – 75°c.
• For oolong teas use water around 85-90°c.
• For black teas use water around 90- 100°c.
• For herbal infusions use 100°c water,
• For Fruit infusions use 100°c water,
• There are some excellent temperature controlled kettles out available.

Steeping Time

White tea is the purest and most delicate of all teas. It needs 2-3 minutes.
Green teas should be brewed 1- 2 minutes for the first brew.
Oolong teas should be brewed 1- 2 minutes for the first brew.
Black teas should be brewed 1- 2 minutes for the first brew.
Herbal Infusion
Herbal Infusion should be brewed 4-5 minutes for the first brew.
Fruit Infusion
Fruit Infusion should be brewed 4-5 minutes for the first brew.
In the 8th Century the celebrated poet Lu Yu wrote that in order to enjoy a really delicious cup of tea a porcelain cup should be used.

It is not recommended that you use a tea ball strainer for any of our teas since the leaves and tips need room to expand. It is much more effective to use a tea pot and a strainer.
Best way to brew tea is use tea kettle.

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