Tea is not just a drink, It’s an emotional connect. 4

I’m an Indian and I love my Cup of Tea. Yes, that’s how the majority of Indian household begin their day with a cup of tea and I am not the exception here.

My mom usually wakes up by 6 AM in that frosty Ooty climate every day, her day can’t quite possibly start without a hot a cup of tea in hands and so does mine.

No matter what kind it is, be it with milk or without milk, Black Tea or White Tea, Green tea or matcha, with sugar or without sugar, we always need our cup of tea. I have friends, for whom their relationship with tea starts right from their bed.

Tea is not a just drink, It has emotion connect with people.

For some, the most magic of the drink depends on its perfect timing and the temperature.

There are many discussions and decisions made over a cup of tea. Many wonderful moments are shared with tea, people take up long ride for a single cup of tea. Many stressful situations are solved with tea. Happy or sad, tea matters a lot. A refreshing drink and probably a companion for most of the people, who want a peaceful time.

I have come across lots of people who come to our café and ask for the medical value, we usually recommend without sugar and milk. For instance, some people ask for caffeine, we recommend a good cup of Black tea, If they looking for the calm and peaceful time then, we serve them flavoured tea with a book, Our kinda of solutions for every problem goes something like this.

Feeling cool? Indian Masala Chai, Feeling Stressful? Stress Reliever or Refreshment tea, Stomach Upset? Lemon tea or Sulaimani, digestion problem? Ginger black, for slimming Green tea, headache? Special Elachi Chai. avoiding caffeine? then your pick is Herbal or Fruit Infusion, Sleepless nights? Chamomile, want a fresh start? then Peppermint, noon then Old memories.

No matter what, Tea makes me comfortable, makes me feel me.

Crafted by
Nirmal Raj. D
Founder & CEO


  1. sure, its an emotional connection between brain and our heart. feel the taste . live with leaves. Where there’s tea there’s hope.

    prabu karuppanan
  2. good writing and describes the relationship with tea quite well

  3. it’s a really nice tip….keep it up…

  4. Tea make us feel relaxed and calm . Tea lovers could feel each and every single word present in the article. Really an engaging post!

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