What is Tea?

Tea is made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which is a warm weather evergreen shrub of the Camellia family, indigenous to both China and India. The finest whole leaf organic teas use only the top two leaves and bud of the tea plant.
When left alone in the wild, the Camellia sinensis can grow quite tall, up to 30 feet or more. But for cultivation of tea leaves, the bushes are mostly kept trimmed for easier harvesting. A typical tea bush produces around 3,000 tea leaves per year.
Tea Types: Tea, like wine, always comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. It is in the way that tea is processed that makes it a black, green, or white tea. Red teas and herbal teas, meanwhile, are actually not tea at all. Rather they are simply herbs, fruits or spices – often called “tisanes”.

About Us

After 5 successful years with Buddies Cafe, DANJO TEAs now expands the supply chain to E Platform. Now our buddies can order online the finest tea and brew at home like connoisseurs. We began our journey as Tea Brewer in DANJO TEAS, now we are stretching our hands to give our customers the same fine Tea Experience in his comfortable chair at his home. Mr Nirmal Raj whose inspiration was his loving father Daniel Dhanaseelan (late) who was a renowned tea maker and tea Taster himself! Nirmal’s journey with tea began as a kid when his Mom used to take tea stock in a Tea Factory and made his bed with a bunch of warm tea gunny bags! The flavour and aroma of tea leaves revolved around his life. His love for tea made him embark his journey further with Danjo Teas.

Being the first tea room in southern India, Danjo teas began with just 15 varieties of tea and right now it brews over 60+ varieties of tea from around the world! Every leaf is handpicked from the organic gardens by the farmers who practice Biodynamic cultivation method. Danjo teas sources Tea from the farmers directly from all over the world with utmost love! Nirmal says its love that adds taste to his tea! Every tea served at Danjo teas is freshly brewed by world class tea masters!

Tea is a drink of health & beauty for you

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We believe tea is endlessly engaging, brings people together, provides a sense of peace and well-being, and grants of a moment to yourself when you most need it. Great tea touches upon art, defines a sense of culture, marks a ritual, and offers a sense of connoisseurship. But a truly remarkable cup of tea is one which enhances the everyday.

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